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BIMexcellenc.org is the home of the BIMe Initiative Community. There are [sbs_pages] pages covering ongoing projects and many useful resources to freely download. No registration is needed except if you'd like to participate in the BIMei Forums.

1st Excellence Seminar - Delivered!

Watch the three presentations - delivered July 25, 26 and 27, 2020 - on the BIMe Initiative's YouTube Channel:

Introduction to the BIMe Initiative Community, principles, projects, and joint volunteer efforts + Macro Adoption Project strategy and deliverables. More details in the video description on YouTube. https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day1

Introduction to BIMe Initiative Knowledge Structures, the upcoming Competency & Learning project, and multiple presentations covering the BIM Dictionary project and its extension plans. More details in the video description on YouTube: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day2

Introduction to BIMe Initiative Community Growth plans, and multiple presentations covering the Integrated Information project: LITE framework, Model Uses Template, and Software Classification. More details in the video description on YouTube: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day3

Presentation materials available starting August 3 from this page. Volunteering opportunities and application will be posted starting September 15 from here: https://bimexcellence.org/community/volunteers/

The BIMe Initiative is a not-for-profit knowledge generation and sharing effort undertaken by volunteer researchers from both industry and academia. The BIMe Initiative provides a community-based, research-driven alternative to top-down, authority-led, and prescriptive BIM diffusion policies. Supported by clear knowledge structures, a network of international subject matter experts, and an expanding modular language, the BIMe Initiative delivers an innovative, coherent and timely response to the opportunities and challenges caused by digital transformation across the Built Environment.

BIMe Initiative Projects are supported by in-kind contributions, research grants, commercial services, and institutional sponsorship.


The BIMe Initiative aims to improve the performance of individuals, organisations and project teams in the construction industry through:

  • Developing a modular language for digital transformation across the Construction Industry. The language will simplify complex topics and weave multiple research efforts into one consistent whole;
  • Generating reliable industry-wide competency benchmarks and identifying competency gaps to be addressed through continuous performance improvement activities;
  • Developing competency-based learning methods, tools and materials applicable across tertiary education, vocational training, self-learning and professional development;
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience between academia and industry; and
  • Developing free-to-use tools and templates to simplify decision-making processes and automate repetitive procedures.

Site news:

The BIMe Initiative is supported by ChangeAgents AEC (Melbourne, Australia) as part of its Open Innovation mandate. Organisations and Institutions who share our General Principles are invited to sponsor the whole initiative or support a specific project (learn more).