Updated May 20, 2020

Competency Benchmarking Project

The Competency Benchmarking Project aims to assess the BIM competency of individual practitioners across markets. Data is collected through the Individual Discovery assessment modules hosted on BIMexcellence.com.

Unless restricted by contractual agreements with third parties, data will be released for others to analyse under a Creative Commons license.

This BIMe Initiative project is led by Dr. Bilal Succar and Prof. Mohamad Kassem in collaboration with prominent researchers from inside and outside the BIMe Research Network. 

If you represent an Industry Association, a University or a BIM policy development group, and would like to launch a data collection project in your country, please contact us; thank you.

Data Collection (Current Micro Projects)

QNRF BIM Competency in Qatar (funded project)

Development and application of a novel and integrated performance driven approach for assessing, benchmarking and improving BIM Competency of Qatar’s construction industry practitioners (NPRP9-124-2-062)

For more information, please refer to BIM Competency in Qatar page.


This BIMe Initiative Project is reliant on the following peer-reviewed publications and related resources (partial):

  • Succar, B., Sher, W., & Williams, A. (2013). An integrated approach to BIM competency acquisition, assessment and application. Automation in Construction, doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.autcon.2013.05.016. http://bit.ly/BIMPaperA6
  • 201in Competency Table
  • Other resources to be added soon...

Future work

The team behind this BIMe Initiative project aims to develop a dedicated online dashboard to openly share raw BIM Competency data and comparative benchmarks - updated periodically - as interactive tables and charts for all to benefit. If you'd like to assist us (through project sponsorship) in developing the dashboard, please contact us.