The BIM Dictionary Project

The BIM Dictionary ( is an effort to establish a reliable resource and a common understanding of frequently used terms across the Built Environment. The BIM Dictionary connects hundreds of terms to their vetted descriptions and translations, and acts as a peer-reviewed reference to online guides and tools.


Project Objectives

The BIM Dictionary includes hundreds of Dictionary Items composed of terms, descriptions, synonyms and abbreviations. Many of these terms will be translated into other languages through the efforts of international volunteers.

Reflecting the above aim, the BIM Dictionary Project has the following objectives:

  1. Provide an accessible, easy-to-use glossary of terms needed to discuss and promote digital innovation;
  2. Provide a research-driven description of these terms according to clear selection, inclusion, and rejection rules;
  3. Provide translations into many world languages to encourage – using common terms and descriptions - collaboration across markets;
  4. Provide reliable reference material through peer-sourcing (as opposed to crowd-sourcing adopted by Wikipedia or similar) and peer-review;
  5. Provide a resource for developing higher-level Knowledge Blocks (e.g. Competency Items) that require an interconnected set of Dictionary Items;
  6. Provide an online resource for websites, blogs, digital tools and documents.