Updated March 1, 2020

211in Model Uses List (v1.26)

Model Uses identify and collate the Information Requirements that need to be delivered as – or embedded within – 3D digital models. As a Knowledge Block, Model Uses form part of a larger modular language that connects information requirements with System Units, Defined Roles, and Competency Items.

211in.FR Tableau des usages de modèle(v1.26)

La version française a été traduite par le Dr. Erik Poirier du Groupe BIM du Québec et Sylvain Dupont de Traduction Dupont. La mission du Groupe BIM du Québec est de « Fédérer l’industrie de la construction dans le but de démocratiser et encadrer le virage numérique du secteur d’activité qui développe, livre, exploite et maintient l'environnement bâti du Québec d’une manière inclusive. »

211in.EL Πίνακας Χρήσεων Μοντέλου(v1.26)

H μετάφραση έγινε από την Νικολέτα Παναγιωτίδου, Αρχιτέκτων MSc, BIM Design Hub. To έγγραφο αναθεωρήθηκε από την Ευαγγελία Πέππα, Δρ. Αρχιτέκτονα μηχανικό ΕΜΠ, (ΠΑΔΑ).

The BIMe Initiative is currently developing Model Use Templates (MUT)s, Information Exchange workflows and practical tools (matrices and online modules) to extend the application of Model Uses. A sampel MUT for 4040 Clash Detection is available here.

These effosts will eventually connect Model Uses to Model Views > Model View Definitions > Model Viewers > Federated Modelling Environments. For more information, please refer to the Information Taxonomy and the LITE framework.

If you’d like to participate in these efforts, request more information or suggest an improvement, please Contact Us; thank you.

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  1. Is thus a revival of ISO 12911? Framework for bim manuals? Does it structure the requirements, applicability, selection and exceptions?

    Glad to help make it as operable as possible.

    1. Post

      Thank you for your comment. The ISO 12911 includes useful classifications but is only one of many sources reviewed when developing the Model Uses taxonomy and list. For a list of these sources, please refer to http://www.bimthinkspace.com/2015/09/episode-24-understanding-model-uses.html (under Identifying Model Uses). With respect to ‘applicability, selection and exception’, these are not currently part of lexicon adopted by the BIMe Initiative.

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