BIMe Initiative Topics List

Updated Oct 3, 2023

The BIMe Initiative Research Ecosystem relies on pre-defined research topics that are used to maintain research focus, cluster BIM Dictionary terms, and organise all deliverables into a consistent whole. Some topics are parents to more detailed lists (e.g. Information Uses) within the overall BIMe Initiative Topics Taxonomy (an interactive mind map to be added at a later stage). Topics guide the interconnectedness between BIMe Projects that are delivered by a international knowledge-sharing volunteers.

Please Note: The Topics List is never final and never complete. Even when incomplete, the Topics List (the top-level classification in the list) and the Conceptual Ontology are critical to the functioning and interconnectedness of BIMe Initiative projects. The presentation of the Topic List in this static 'flat view' is temporary and will be soon be replaced by an interactive 'network view' hosted here or offered through the BIM Dictionary platform.