1st Excellence Seminar

The Excellence Seminar is the BIMe Initiative's Community first public event. It was conducted over 3 days (2 hours per day) and covered the efforts of many international volunteers across numerous projects. The Seminar also included presentations by our valued supporters

The 1st Excellence Seminar has been a great success with 2,600 reservations.. The event ran over 3 days and can be streamed now on the BIMe Initiative YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Presentation materials were made available on this page on August 3, 2020.

Seminar Presentations

The presentation materials used during the 1st Excellence Seminar are provided below. You view the slides online as well as watch the video presentations by following the link in the descriptions:

Day 1 of the Excellence Seminar covered:

  • Introduction to the 3-day Seminar
  • BIMe Initiative - mission, vision, goals, and principles
  • Connected Knowledge, Connected Projects
  • Supporter's Words - BEXEL Consulting
  • Macro Adoption Project

You can download Day 1 presentation slides as a PDF file from here (10MB).

You can watch it here: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day1

Day 2 of the Excellence Seminar covered:

  • BIMe Initiative Knowledge Structure
  • Competency and Learning Project
  • BIM Dictionary Project
  • Supporter's Words - GBQ

You can download Day 02 presentation slides as a PDF file from here (20MB).

You can watch it here: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day2

Day 3 of the Excellence Seminar covered:

  • A Growing Community
  • Supporter's Words - Nova BIM
  • Integrated Information Project
  • Model Use Templates Project
  • Software Classifications Project
  • Summary

You can download Day 3 presentation slides as a PDF file from here (14MB)

You can watch it here: https://bit.ly/Seminar-Day3

Presented Strategies

Strategies and other useful resources will be added here starting August 3, 2020. Unless you have registered to attend the event and verified your email (check Spam folder), please follow the BIMe Initiative LinkedIn page and/or the BIMe Initiative Twitter account to get notified.

Extended Descriptions

Strategy Document

+500 BIM Dictionary terms

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Software Classification

Strategy Document

a Software Selector

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