The Excellence Manifesto

Reflecting the BIMe Initiative's General Principles and Mission, the Excellence Manifesto includes the detailed principles governing all BIMe Activities and Deliverables.

While signing the Excellence Manifesto is required for all BIMei volunteers, all supporters are encouraged to add their name below:

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All BIMe Deliverables and Activities are intended to be:

  • Open | We will share our knowledge through open channels for all to benefit
  • Practical | We will generate tools and guides of benefit to current and future practitioners
  • Educational | We will learn and educate others about ever-improving practices
  • Collaborative | We will collaborate with others in good faith
  • Neutral | We will avoid prejudice against any idea or solution
  • Equal | We will provide an equal-opportunity for all who wish to become members or volunteers
  • Respectful | We will respect existing knowledge by building upon it
  • Structured | We will follow a clear structure for collating, organising, and sharing knowledge
  • Modular | We will develop modular solutions for others to build their own
  • Cohesive | We will deliver products and components which are interconnected and interoperable
  • Competent | We will undertake activities when/if we are collectively competent to do so
  • Honest | We will be honest about our research and delivery abilities
  • Innovative | We will devise new solutions for new problems
  • Informed | We will investigate existing solutions before suggesting new ones
  • Reliable | We will harvest knowledge from reliable sources and informed peers
  • International | We will cater for the common requirements across national borders
  • Tested | We will test solutions before releasing them as such
  • Testable | We will make tested solutions available for others to test
  • Efficient | We will avoid digital, physical and financial waste
  • Visual | We will represent knowledge in a visual and colourful manner
  • Free | We will release all solutions for practitioners and researchers to freely use

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