BIMe Initiative's mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of the Built Environment.


BIMe Initiative's mission will be achieved by demonstrating new ways of thinking, researching, learning and collaborating.


BIMe Initiative mission and vision are expressed as three complementary goals:

Goal 1: Help practitioners to improve their digital competence.

Goal 2: Assist organisations to adopt, adapt, and innovate practical digital solutions internally and on collaborative projects.

Goal 3: Support policy makers in improving the digital transformation strategies for a country or region.

Note: each goal is subdivided into measurable objectives (defined per project). Projects may address more than one goal.


The BIMe Initiative will fulfil its goals by delivering open-access resources for all to freely use (refer to respective licenses). Targeted deliverables can be end-products for practical use (e.g. a web tool or a template) or conceptual components needed to build end-products.


The BIMe Initiative's targeted deliverables are achieved through interconnected projects subdivided into self-organising microprojects and workpackages.


The BIMe Initiative deploys a mixture of methodologies and methods to reach its goals. These include knowledge engineering, systems thinking, and semantic structuring methods - all supported by published peer-reviewed frameworks.


All BIMe Initiative activities and outcomes are guided by a set of General Principles that community volunteers agree to upon joining. Agreement to these General Principles is signalled by signing the Excellence Manifesto.

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