726in.F2 Model Use Templates Strategy

A Model Use Template (MUT) extends the Model Use definition by explaining the activities and resources needed to deliver it. MUTs collate all relevant information about a specific Model Use in a structured manner

Model Use Templates are intended to assist practitioners in identifying the activity flows, competencies, and resources needed to execute a Model Use. By clearly defining activities and resources, they are offered as a starting point for practitioners to develop new activity flows that match their respective organisational and project requirements. Also, by providing these templates, practitioners can more efficiently integrate multiple activity flows, reduce process duplication, and improve their productivity.

This strategy document provided on this page identifies the mechanisms and resources needed by the BIMe Initiative Community to deliver the Model Use Templates project (Project F2 > part of Information Management Project F) and positions it as a leading research effort in digital-process re-engineering across the Built Environment.

Note: if the above PDF does not display, you can download it by clicking here.

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  1. Hi,

    Firstly, thanks for the research and setting up of standard practices in BIM that you are doing.

    I have gone through the model use list and would be glad to have the templates or a document describing the contents/description of various model uses.

    Abdul Hadi

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