Updated August 12, 2020

BIM Dictionary Teams

The BIM Dictionary includes hundreds of Dictionary Items. Initially collated by the Head Editor according to set criteria, these items are gradually being translated into an increasing number of world languages. The translation process is a critical part of this foundational BIMe Initiative project (a Work Package - refer to 103in) and is organised according to set priorities.

BIM Dictionary Teams Tree

The BIM Dictionary is a community effort that includes the participation of many types of teams. The relations between teams are clarified in the Teams Tree below:

The overall editing process (translation, localisation and continuous updating) follows a number of editing protocols and is managed collectively by the BIM Dictionary Editorial Team -  composed of:

  • Head Editor: Dr. Bilal Succar of ChangeAgents AEC, Australia
  • Assistant Editor: Dr. Marzia Bolpagni, Senior BIM Advisor at MACE, United Kingdom
  • Language Editors (multiple - named below)
  • Country Editors (multiple - named below)
  • Community Coordinator: Ms. Lorena Luedy of SENAI CIMATEC, Brazil, Mr. Eduardo Tavares of quattroD, Brazil, Ms. Orjola Braholli of BIM A+, Portugal

Multiple Language Teams (Editors, co-Editors and independent Reviewers) are currently active and have either translated multiple sets of priority BIM Dictionary terms or are in the process of doing so.

Active Language Teams

The following Language Teams and Language Editors have their work available online - in order of availability:

  • A4.01 | Spanish Language Team:  Mr. David Barco (Editor) of Berrilan BIM, Mr. Victor Roig Segura (co-Editor) of Bimetric Lab, Mr. Marco Zúñiga Paredes (co-Editor) of Bimclash, Mr. Alvaro Velasco Cabello (co-Editor) of Consultoria CTE and Ms. Yenny Constanza Mancera Hernandez (co-Editor) of BIGPROCHIP, Spain. External review is conducted by Ms. Belen Ripoll Salas of Acciona Producciones y Diseño, Spain.
  • A4.02 | French Language Team: Dr. Erik Poirier (Editor) from Groupe BIM du Québec/buildingSMART Canada, Mr. Vincent Carignan (co-Editor) of BIM One Inc., Montreal, Canada, Mr. Dimitri Damiaud (co-Editor) of CAPEB, France, and Dr. Aurelie de Boissieu (co-Editor) of University of Liège, Belgium. External review is conducted by Ms. Imen Chikhi  from STM, Montreal, Canada.
  • A4.03 | Arabic Language Team: Mr. Omar Selim (Editor, Egypt) and the following co-Editors from the BIMarabia team: Ms. Sonia Ahmed, Ms. Najwa Hassan, Mr. Motasem Albanna, and Mr. Ahmad Lutfi. External review is conducted by Ms. Siham Barakat of the Australian Council for Educational Research, Australia.
  • A4.04 | Lithuanian Language Team: AProf. Vladimir Popov (Editor), AProf. Tatjana Grigorjeva (co-Editor), Dr. Milena Medineckienė (co-Editor)  and Dr. Viktorija Skvarciany (co-Editor) from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania. External review is conducted by Dr. Arunas Remigijus Zabulenas from UAB ERDA, Lithuania.
  • A4.05 | Russian Language Team: Ms. Maria Shirokova (Editor) of Research Institute Almatygenplan, Kazakhstan, Mr. Alexey Davydov (co-Editor) of BIMTIC, Russian Federation and Ms. Mila Prygunova (co-Editor) of Localization, Russian Federation.
  • A4.06 | Chinese Language Team: Dr. Vivi Qiuchen Lu (Editor) at University of Cambridge, Mr. Alexander S.J. Zhou (co-Editor) PhD Candidate and Dr. Long Chen (co-Editor) of Imperial College, United Kingdom. External review is conducted by AProf. Wei Wu from the California State University, Fresno, United States.
  • A4.07 | German Language Team: Mr. Stephan Liedtke (Editor) of BIMsource.de /BitsAndBricks.solutions (Germany), Mr. Christopher Goersch (co-Editor) PhD Candidate at Aalto University, Finland, Mr. Ramon Lorenz (co-Editor) of mrma, Germany and Mr. Adrian August Wildenauer (co-Editor) of SBB CFF FFS, Switzerland. External review is conducted by Ms. Judith Krischler of Bauhaus-Universität Weimarthe and Mr. Michael Florea of FACT., Germany.
  • A4.08 | Catalan Language Team: Mr. Victor Roig Segura (Editor) and Xavier Pallás (co-Editor) of Bimetric Lab, Spain.
  • A4.09 | Persian Language Team: Dr. Saleh Seyedzadeh, (Editor) of University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, Mr. Moslem Sheikhkhoshkar (co-Editor) of BIM Solutions, Iran, and Ms. Arghavan Akbarieh (co-Editor) PhD Candidate at University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. External review is conducted by AProf. Farzad Pour Rahimian from Teesside University, United Kingdom.
  • A4.10 | Croatian (Hrvatski) Language Team: Mr. Damir Mance (Editor) of the University of Zagreb, Mr. Hrvoje Jukić (co-Editor) of Arhitektonski studio Helman & Jukić, Mr. Karlo Seitz (co-Editor) and Mr. Marin Stojanović (co-Editor) Master Student at the University of Zagreb, and Ms. Monika Mlakić (co-Editor) of Baldinistudio d.o.o. External review is conducted by Ms. Tea Helman Jukić of Arhitektonski studio Helman & Jukić. All team members are from Zagreb, Croatia.
  • A4.11 | Greek Language Team: Ms. Nicoleta Panagiotidou (Editor) of BREAK with an architect, Greece and Dr. Evangelia Peppa (co-Editor) of Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens, Greece. External review is conducted by Dr. Georgios Kapogiannis from the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China.
  • A4.12 | Italian Language Team: Dr. Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura (Editor) of. University of Brescia, Italy, Dr. Silvana Bruno (co-Editor) of Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy, Dr. Giovanna Aracri (co-Editor) of University of Calabria, Italy, and Ms. Isabella Selmi (co-Editor) of Italferr, Italy. External review is conducted by Dr. Marzia Bolpagni of MACE, United Kingdom.
  • A4.13 | Czech Language Team: Ms. Štepánka Tomanová (Editor) from the Czech BIM Council (CzBIM), Mr. Robert Bouška from the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) and Mr. Jan Kolomazník of CzBIM. External review is conducted by Prof. Petr Matějka from the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). The translation of BIM Dictionary is supported by Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and is in accordance with TNK152 of Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing.
  • A4.14 | Portuguese Language Team: AProf. Eduardo Toledo Santos (Editor) from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, Prof. Regina Ruschel (co-Editor) of UNICAMP, Fernanda Machado (co-Editor) of Autodesk, Ivo Mainardi (co-Editor) of Metrô de São Paulo, Dr. Ricardo Codinhoto (co-Editor) of the University of Bath (UK), and Fabio Sato (co-Editor) of Filippon Engenharia, Brazil.
  • A4.15 | Bulgarian Language Team: AProf. Boyan Georgiev (Editor) of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Bulgaria, AProf. Gergana Antova (co-Editor) Faculty of Geodesy at UACEG and Dr. Vasil Tanev (co-Editor) of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at UACEG, Bulgaria. Internal review will be conducted by AProf. Mihaela Kouteva-Guentcheva, Faculty of Civil Engineering at UACEG, Bulgaria.
  • A4.16 | Turkish Language Team: Ms. Burcu Esen Barutcu (Editor) of Drees & Sommer GmbH, Germany, AProf. Umit Isikdag (co-Editor) of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Mr. Dursun Furkan Capkin (co-Editor) PhD Candidate at Yildiz Technical University, Ms. Gizem Kızoğlu Yildirim (co-Editor) of Rönesans Holding and Ms. Pinar Kabaoglu (co-Editor) of Sigma Mühendislik, Turkey. External review is conducted by AProf. Pinar Irlayici Çakmak of Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.
  • A4.17 | Hungarian Language Team: Mr. István Csúsz (Editor) of Brick + Data Ltd, AProf. Mihály Szoboszlai (co-Editor) and Mr. Adam Kovács (co-Editor) of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Mr. Attila Gyulai (co-Editor) of Lechner Knowledge Center, Hungary. External review is conducted by Mr. Bence Dudas of DudaStudio Ltd, Hungary.
  • A4.18 | Slovenian Language Team: Ms. Mojca Roženičnik Korošec (Editor) and Dr. Andrej Tibaut (co-Editor), University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture, Slovenia. External review is conducted by Dr. Tomo Cerovsek of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • A4.19 | Romanian Language Team: Mr. Dumitru Minciu (Editor) of Novart Engineering, Romania, Ms. Alexandra-Ioana Giurgiu (co-Editor) of AECOM Romania and Ms. Elena-Romina Ilina-Posea (co-Editor) of Novart Engineering, Romania. The Editors are assisted by Prof. Ovidiu Suciu.
  • A4.20 | Albanian Language Team: Mr. Endriol Doko (Editor) of Novigos Tecno, Italy, Mr. Ergi Zyberaj (co-Editor) of VELZ:architetti, Italy, Ms. Matilda Cenolli (co-Editor) of Studio Kami Architects, Italy, and Mr. Enea Kotsa (co-Editor) of SNC Engage, France. External review is conducted by Prof. Gjergji Islami of Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania.
  • A4.21 | Serbian Language Team: Mr. Petar Dragić (Editor) of CGS Labs, Serbia, Mr. Matjaž Šajn (co-Editor) and Ms. Olivera Pavković (co-Editor) from CGS Labs, and Ms. Marija Petronijevic (co-Editor) from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. External review is conducted by AProf. Igor Peško from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • A4.22 | Estonian Language Team: Mr. Jaan Saar (Editor) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia and Mr. Aivars Alt (co-Editor) of Tallin University of Applied Science and Mr. Janek Siidra (co-Editor) of Estonian Academy of Arts and Ms. Miina Karafin (co-Editor) of Nordecon AS.
  • A4.23 | Polish Language Team: Prof. Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak (Editor) of Lodz University of Technology (TUL), Poland, Mr. Wojciech Wycichowski (co-Editor) from Tam i Tu, Mr. Marcin Świerz (co-Editor) of Project-BIM, and Mr. Karol Argasiński (co-Editor) of BIMfaktoria. The review is provided by Mr. Paweł Przybyłowicz, Architect and lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

Note: The diamond  identifies the team(s) that have completed a full translation (more than %95) of currently available terms.

New Language Teams 

The following Language Teams have been vetted and accepted and they are currently translating the first sets of terms:

New Language Teams (vetting in progress)

The following Languages have received interest from one or more groups. The groups are currently being vetted against the requirements listed within the 801in document and other relevant competencies. No additional applicants for the listed languages will be accepted until the completion of the vetting process:

  • No teams are currently being vetted ... Join Us!

Country Editors

While speaking the same language, some countries may have different denotations for the same term. To monitor these differences and suggest market-specific terms, Country Editors will be progressively appointed. These currently include the following Colleagues:

  1. Brazil Editor: AProf. Eduardo Toledo Santos, University of São Paulo, Brazil.
  2. India Editor: Mr. Amarnath CB, PhD candidate at National Taiwan University. Amarnath is supported by Mr. Ranjith K Soman, PhD Candidate at Imperial College London, and Mr. Arunkumar Shambu, BIM coordinator at Turner Construction.
  3. Nigeria Editor: Mr. Lot Kaduma of Design Marks Concepts, Nigeria, Lot is supported by Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad of Qatar University, Qatar, Mr. Mansur Hamma-adama of Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom, Mr. Moses Itanola of BIM Africa Initiative, Nigeria, and Mr. Onyema Udeze of Blaze Academy, Nigeria.
  4. Ghana EditorMr. Richard Acquah of Pentecost University College, Ghana. Richard is supported by Dr. Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu of University of the West of England, United Kingdom, Dr. Karen Banahene Blay of Loighborough University, United Kingdom, and Mr. Antwi-Afari Maxwell Fordjour of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong,

Additional Country Editors are currently sought for the UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Chile and Portugal.


In addition to current Editors, the BIM Dictionary is actively supported by a number of generous individuals. Many participate in blind reviews and others often send their improvement suggestions by email or social media. While we don't know the names of all those who've been silently assisting us in delivering this project, we'd like to acknowledge the names we do know - many thanks to:

Ms. Nicoleta Panagiotidou, MSc architect and BIM/CAD trainer, BREAK with an architect, Greece | Mr. Atif Afeez, BIM researcher at the University of Qatar | Ms. Radwa Hassan | Mr. Hamza Moshrif  | Mr. Ammar Al-khafaji | Ms. Enas Elsayed | Ms. Siham Barakat | Ms. Maryam Asgari, PhD Candidate at the University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom | Mr. Saeed Banihashemi, PhD Candidate at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia | Ms. Samira Garshasbi of Tehran Azad University, Iran | Prof. Yusuf Arayici of the Faculty of Engineering at Hasan Kalyoncu University, Turkey | Mr. Patrick Riedo of ObjectifBIM, Switzerland [French Language Editor until Mar 6, 2018] | Dr. Song Gao (Editor) of Tongji University; and Mr. Weidong Li (co-Editor) of Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute, China [Chinese Language Editors until April, 2019] | Ms. Mihaela Meslec of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) | Chiara Rizzarda and Claudio Vittori Antisari of Strategie Digitali srl; Franco Pittoni of FP Opera; and Prof. Federico Pedroni [Italian Language co-Editors until June, 2019] | Mr. Samir Alzeer of BAM Deutschland AG, Germany [German Language co-Editor unitil June, 2019] |  Ms. Magdaléna Kodetová of CTU [Czech Language co-Editor unitil June, 2019] | Ms. Aikaterini Prevelianaki of Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom, Ms. Nina Vlachogianni  of Alstom, United Kingdom, and Ms. Maria Tsekoura of CERN, Switzerland [Greek Language co-Editors unitil January, 2020] | Mr. Bogdan-Mihai Barabula  and Mr. Simon-Mihail Doxan [Romania co-Editors until April, 2020] | Mr. Nabih Musharbash [Community Coordinator until May, 2020] | Mr. Martin Stránský of CTU [Czech Language co-Editor unitil June, 2020] | Dr. Zdeněk Rudovský of CTU [Czech Language co-Editor unitil June, 2020] | Dr. Josef Žák of CTU [Czech Language co-Editor unitil June, 2020]. Ms. Marina Korol of Concurator, Russian Federation (Russian Language Editor until July 2020).

Joining the BIM Dictionary teams

There are two main ways to join the BIM Dictionary's Editorial Team:

  • Forming a new Language Team
  • Joining an Existing Language Team

Forming a new Language Team

The BIM Dictionary is actively seeking editors for new languages and welcomes enquiries about this. To become an Editor for a Language Other Than English (LOTE), you'll be kindly asked to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Build a team of co-Editors (minimum three people) of adequate competency in both English and the LOTE;
  • Identify one or more independent reviewers of high-standing in the BIM Domain (e.g. a construction industry academic) and/or a LOTE  linguist; and
  • Review and approve the Language Editor's role requirements as identified in 801in BIM Dictionary Editor's Guide.

A BIM Dictionary Language Team may be a group of passionate and well-informed individuals; an academic institution; a community of practice; or a government department. Preference is given to those who contact us first and satisfy the above selection criteria.

Joining an existing Language Team

To join an existing Language Team, please contact the Editor of the language you'd like to contribute to. It will be up to the current LOTE Editor to vet the abilities of contributors and invite them to become part of their team.

To nominate yourself or your institution/organisation to become a Country Editor (e.g Portuguese need a Brazil Editor and a Portugal Editor), please contact the Head Editor directly.

Other ways to assist

In addition to joining the Editorial Team and helping in translation, localisation and editing (Work Packages A1.12 and A1.13), there are other opportunities to join the BIM Dictionary project; please click here.