Knowledge Views

Knowledge Views are the varied ways the BIMe Initiative is represented and communicated with industry stakeholders. These include knowledge-sharing outlets – blogs and online tools – that form an integral part of the BIMe Initiative:

BIM ThinkSpace Blog is one of the longest running blogs (first post was in Oct 2005) covering Building Information Modelling from an ‘informed practitioners’ perspective. Posts include the BIM Episodes, a highly-structured series that has been translated into numerous languages. It also shares thought-provoking contributions from international guest authors.

BIM Framework Blog and Channel is a blog for researchers interested in adapting the BIM Framework (Succar, 2009). Each post focuses on one conceptual part and is linked to peer-reviewed papers.

The blog is complemented by a YouTube Channel which includes short video explanations and general presentations based on the BIM Framework’s many interconnected parts.

BIMe Initiative Portal (this website)

The website serves a number of purposes – including:

  • Inform the public of the BIMe Initiative, its principles, projects and methods
  • Acknowledge the efforts of Active BIMe Members
  • Attract specialists working on similar problems/solutions
  • Provide a central location for downloading all published BIMe Initiative material
  • Publicise Sponsorship and Volunteering opportunities