351in Model Use Templates Guide

A Model Use is defined as “the intended or expected Project Deliverables from generating, collaborating-on and linking Models to external databases”. Model Uses (MU)s are one branch of the Information Use Taxonomy which also includes Document Uses and Data Uses.

A Model Use Template (MUT) extends the Model Use definition by explaining the activities and resources needed to deliver it. The aim of an MUT is to satisfy three complementary objectives:

  • Educate individuals and organisations about the benefits, requirements, and functioning of each Model Use;
  • Assess individuals or organisations’ ability to deliver a Model Use; and
  • Assist individuals/organisations to deliver a Model Use.

Education is the primary objective of Model Use Templates. Both online and offline materials are optimised to satisfy this objective.

Model Use Templates are developed under MicroProject F2 within Project F: Integrated Information.

Note: if the above PDF does not display, you can download it by clicking here.

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