Integrated Informaton Platform

Updated January 18, 2020

This project will develop an online solution for managing information throughout an asset’s lifecycle. The solution relies on a generating a large number of components which are slowly being organised into micro projects to be - once funded - gradually executed.

Components - Partial

This project is composed of a large number of components:

  • A top-level Integrated Information Framework (Completed - Publication Pending);
  • An Information Cycle Model (Completed - Update Pending)
  • The Information Taxonomy (Completed)
  • An updated Asset Hierarchy for information organisation (Completed)
  • Sample Verification and Validation routines (Not-Started)
  • An extended inventory of Information Uses:
  • Model Use Template Guide (Completed)
  • Model Used Templates (In Progress)
  • Mapped Software Tools List (In Progress)
  • Guidance materials (In Progress)
  • Strategy (In Progress)
    • Community Engagement Plan
    • Funding and Sponsorship Plan 

Development Notes

Upon completion of key components, the project will deliver a working prototype.  Some of the foundational work for this project (Exploration Phase) started in February 2016 and is expected to reach maturity mid 2020.

This project is experimenting with an internal project management method based on Agile/ Scrum/ Kanban approaches. If you have experience in applying Agile methods to manage information on construction projects, please Contact Us; thank you.