Day 1 - Nov 15, 2022

12:00 UTC


Day 1 is hosted by Prof Regina Coeli Ruschel | University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil


Session 1

Digital transformation efforts from across the world - Lessons learned

Six leaders of international initiatives will discuss their unique experiences and share the lessons to be learned and the challenges to be overcome when promoting digital transformation efforts.


Ms Carolina Soto Ogueta | Executive Director, Planbim_Corfo, Chile
Prof John Messner | Director, Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) Research Program | Penn State University, USA
Mr Martin Lafleur | Directeur general, Groupe BIM du Québec, Canada
Mr Moses Itanola | Executive Director, BIM Africa, Nigeria
Dr Sanphawat Jatupatwarangkul | Head of Standards at Thai BIM Association and Asia BIM Collaboration Group Committee, Thailand
Ms Tiina Perttula | Chair, buildingSMART International Infraroom, Finland


Session 2

Macro Adoption Study - Phase III launch

The third phase of the BIMe Initiative Project will be launched with new complementary studies and a Study Coordinator recruitment drive. The Macro Adoption team will share what they've been carefully crafting over the past 2 years and announce the major data collection efforts planned for 2023.

TEAM MEMBERS +  PRESENTERS: Prof Mohamad Kassem, University of Newcastle, UK | AProf Eduardo Toledo Santos, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil | Dr Danny Murguia, University of Cambridge, UK | Ms Cristiane Magalhães, Firjan, Brazil


Session 3

Cloud-based data and information management on whole asset lifecycle with NovaBIM

SUPPORTER + PRESENTER: Mr Felix Grau | President at NOVA Building IT GmbH, Germany


Session 4

Model Use Templates – Project Update

Clear activities and information flows are at the core of digital process re-engineering. The Model Use Templates team (Project F2) will provide an overview of the efforts conducted over the past two years and introduce new materials of conceptual and practical benefits.

F2 PROJECT TEAM: Ms Fernanda Machado, Autodesk, Brazil | Ms Paula Mota, LogiKal, UK | Dr Lorena Moreia, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil | Mr Bruno Mota. LogiKal, UK | Ms Caroline Kehl, CCR, Brazil
MU 3020 PRESENTERS: Ms Angela Hugo Silva, BIM A+,  Italy | Ms Claudia Tazuse, Peru | Ms Mahya Nazari, BIM A+, Italy|  Dr. Mohamed Mayouf, Birmingham City University, UK



Day 2 - Nov 16, 2022 

12:00 UTC


Day 2 is hosted by Ms Arghavan Akbarieh


Session 5

BIM Dictionary Community

The BIM Dictionary includes more than 130 contributors from across 27 languages and 41 countries. The session will introduce a number of Editors and Reviewers and share how and why they contribute to this unique knowledge-sharing effort.

TEAM MEMBERS + PRESENTERS: Dr Marzia Bolpagni, Mace, United Kingdom | Ms Orjola Broholli, Fraunhofer, Italia | Ms. Andrijana Nasteska, NIRAS, Denmark | Ms. Štepánka Tomanová, Czech BIM Council, Chezchia | Mr. Damir Mance, University of Zagreb, Croatia | Dr. Zuhair Nasar, University of Kufa, Iraq | Dr. Vivi Qiuchen Lu and Ms. Jiayi Yan, University College London, United Kingdom | Mr. Kerem Ilhami Bugdaycioglu, Archimco, Türkiye


Session 6

New BIM Dictionary Platform

The international BIM Dictionary continues to grow with new types of content and better ways to curate, review, and publish. The session will showcase platform features, explain the new types of dictionary teams, and provide more information of how to join the greatly expanded effort in 2023.

PRESENTER: Dr Bilal Succar | Director, ChangeAgents AEC, Australia


Session 7

Supporting the BIMe Initiative

The BIMe Initiative can now be supported in new ways and at different levels. The session will explain the Support Packages and highlight how the community is ready to partner with like-minded organisations to generate and share digital transformation knowledge.

PRESENTER: Ms Marie Grieve | Founder and Managing Director at Costello Palmer Communications, UK


Session 8

ISO 19650 - Vulgarisation App

Developed as part of PlanBIM France, the Vulgarisation App is an interactive resource (in French) to helps practitioners understand ISO 19650 principles, components, and their relations.The session will introduce this app for all to freely explore and use.

PRESENTER: Mr Dimitri Daniaud | Standards Manager at BIM&CO, France


Session 9

Bridging the Digital Transformation Gap | The BIMe Initiative

An exploration of how BIMe Initiative concepts and materials are used to facilitate integrated Digital Transformation across a market - Case Study from Canada.

PRESENTER: AProf Erik Poirier, École de technologie supérieure, Canada


Summary & Conclusion

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