The BIMe Initiative is now active!

A summary of the BIMe Initiative is available on the BIM ThinkSpace blog (March 18, 2017) and on LinkedIn (July 31, 2017).

The BIMe Initiative is a not-for-profit knowledge generation and sharing effort undertaken by volunteer researchers from both industry and academia. The BIMe Initiative provides a community-based, research-driven alternative to top-down, authority-led, and prescriptive BIM diffusion policies. Supported by clear knowledge structures, a network of international subject matter experts, and an expanding modular language, the BIMe Initiative delivers an innovative, coherent and timely response to the opportunities and challenges brought-forward by BIM adoption at all organisational scales.

BIMe Initiative Projects are supported by in-kind contributions, research grants, commercial services, and institutional sponsorship.

The BIMe Initiative aims to improve the performance of individuals, organisations and project teams in the construction industry through:

  • Developing a modular language for digital transformation across the Construction Industry. The language will simplify complex topics and weave multiple research efforts into one consistent whole;
  • Generating reliable industry-wide competency benchmarks and identifying competency gaps to be addressed through continuous performance improvement activities;
  • Developing competency-based learning methods, tools and materials applicable across tertiary education, vocational training, self-learning and professional development;
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience between academia and industry; and
  • Developing free-to-use tools and templates to simplify decision-making processes and automate repetitive procedures.

Introduction (download)

English (original document) – As published on August 1, 2017

German – translated by Mr. Stephan Liedtke of, Germany

Spanish – translated by Mr. Victor Roig Segura of Bimetric Lab, and reviewed by Mr. Angel Esteve of the Ministry of Public Works, Spain

Spanish – translated by Mr. Victor Roig Segura of Bimetric Lab, Spain

The BIMe Initiative is commercially supported by BIM Excellence (BIMe), a set of performance assessment and improvement services developed by ChangeAgents AEC (Melbourne, Australia). Online assessment services are available worldwide through Onsite performance assessments and improvement services are offered through a network of BIMe Affiliates in Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain. For more information, please contact BIM Excellence.