721in.A3 BIM Dictionary Extended Descriptions Strategy

The BIM Dictionary platform includes hundreds of terms, each with a Summary Description (SD) and their translations. An Extended Description (XD) is the additional explanatory information – examples, applications, activity flows, and reference materials – to be displayed on a term’s unique page on the platform. This document is the strategy for developing more than 500 BIM Dictionary Extended Descriptions.
– Educate individuals and organisations about the benefits, requirements, and functioning of each Model Use;
– Assess individuals or organisations’ ability to deliver a Model Use ; and
– Assist individuals/organisations to deliver a Model Use.

Education is the primary objective of Model Use Templates. Both online and offline materials are optimised to satisfy this objective.

Dictionary Development

×Updated Aug 26, 2020The BIM Dictionary project is continuously expanding and will gradually include new languages (refer to editorial page). The BIM Dictionary will expand beyond offering a research-based, peer-sourced glossary of terms. As the base for a much larger Knowledge Structure, the BIM Dictionary enables the development of semantically-interconnected guides, protocols, tools and workflows.Extending the BIM DictionaryA | Microprojects ListThe …

Editorial Team

×Updated Sep 23, 2022BIM Dictionary TeamsThe BIM Dictionary includes hundreds of Dictionary Items. Initially collated by the Head Editor according to set criteria, these items are gradually being translated into an increasing number of world languages. The translation process is a critical part of this foundational BIMe Initiative project (a Work Package – refer to 103in) and is organised according to …

BIM Dictionary

The BIM Dictionary ProjectThe BIM Dictionary (BIMdictionary.com) is an effort to establish a reliable resource and a common understanding of frequently used terms across the Built Environment. The BIM Dictionary connects hundreds of terms to their vetted descriptions and translations, and acts as a peer-reviewed reference to online guides and tools.Project ObjectivesThe BIM Dictionary includes hundreds of Dictionary Items composed of terms, descriptions, synonyms …